About this site

FreeFlarum.com was born out of desire to help online communities. As tech giants have a near-monopoly on our online lives, an open platform such as Flarum should be fostered and available to everybody.

However, installation can be quite a hurdle. FreeFlarum takes all that away by providing free, instant and maintenance free forums.

FreeFlarum is self-sufficient by running a small amount of ads on the provided forums and charging a modest fee for ad-free premium plans.


Development focuses on Simplicity, Speed and Stability!

v0.9 (26th November 2017)

  • Under 3 second Flarum site creation.
  • Flarum instances are isolated and cannot influence each other.
  • All forums have SSL protection.

v1.0 (2nd December 2017)

  • SSL is grade A with SSL Labs.
  • Daily backups to offsite location, both files and database.
  • 24/7 monitoring in place.

v2.0 (9th December 2017)

  • Forums have control panel outside of Flarum.
  • Forums can use own domain name.
  • Custom domains have automatic SSL (from Letsencrypt).

v2.1 (9th January 2018)

  • Forums can export data.
  • Add integrated support for mail delivery services (Sendgrid or similar).
  • Cache builder optimized with golang minification (90% speed improvement)

v2.2 (2018 H1)

  • Forums can import data from existing forum.
  • Pre-configured Facebook/Twitter login.

v3.0 (2018 H2)

  • Paid ad-free premium plans
  • Ads implemented for free plans

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay to remove the ads?

Ad-free, premium plans are expected to launch in the second half of 2018. Until then, no ads will be implemented.

Can we hire you for a custom job?

FreeFlarum does not do consultancy gigs, as it distracts from our objective to build a scalable organisation. But there are several highly skilled Flarum developers available for hire, post your request here.

Will you help us if we outgrow your platform?

The FreeFlarum platform eats traffic spikes for breakfast :) But if you need custom modifications and/or want to move away for any other reason, FreeFlarum happily shares the stack and configuration settings with your engineers for a smooth transition. Our objective is happy Flarum users, either on our platform or elsewhere.

What happens when Flarum has a new release?

Small (security) releases will be applied right away. You shouldn't have to worry about that!

Until the Flarum API is stable (planned for v0.2), extensions will break upon a major Flarum upgrade. So after a release, FreeFlarum waits until the most popular extensions have been updated to work with the new release. If extensions haven't been updated after 3 weeks of a new release, the extension will be deprecated and removed from FreeFlarum. FreeFlarum will notify any users of such extensions so an alternative solution can be found.

Can I do X?

If it is not on the roadmap, post a feature request in the forums!

Where are your servers located?

Currently we use Upcloud servers in London and servers in Amsterdam for offsite backup. If growth continues, we could expand to Asia and the US to improve loading times across the globe.

How can it be so fast?

FreeFlarum uses a heavily tuned server stack, combined with several patches on the core Flarum codebase. This allows for sub-second page loading.

I have another question

Please post in the main discussion on flarum.org.