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Creating Account

Maybe you have entered some kind of situation when you wanted to register some account for your friends to make a private forum.

It is very easy. - For PC, the "Sign Up" option is for registering new accounts on your forum. For PC, it is in the top-right corner of your forum:

Hello, I'm Sign Up and Log In! How are you?

  • For Mobile, you need to open up the hamburger menu and then click on the "Sign Up" option.

Oh, so that's how I look on mobile? Cool!

Hm, there am I...

Now, a new popup will appear:


You can see the Sign Up form here and several options: - Username - This will be used as your name on the forum, so others can find you. You may use only letters, numbers, dashes and underscores. Special characters are not allowed. - E-Mail - Your E-Mail address. It is important to not make a typo, because this is the address where we sent you confirmation link to confirm your account. - Password - Password is some kind of protection for your account. Do not choose common phrases such as your name or date of birth. Also remain from using password you use to Log In to somewhere else. A good and strong password is something like #PassWord:)!. Do not make it easy to guess your password. If you are administrator of your forum and someone gets in your account, serious problems would appear.

You may also notice the "Log In with xxx" options. These come up with the FreeFlarum extensions. Learn how to configure some of them: - Facebook Log In - GitHub Log In

Once you have filled in the form, a confirmation mail should be sent to the E-Mail address you provided. If it doesn't arrive soon: 1. Check your spam folder. 2. Re-send the mail. 3. Re-register (if needed).

If anything went wrong, open up a new GitHub issue so we can look into it.