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Enabling Extensions

Extensions are basically addons for your Flarum. They can be enabled through your admin interface:

  1. Click on your profile in top-right corner (open up hamburger menu for mobile)
  2. Click on "Administration" (or just go to
  3. Find "Extensions" in the menu on left (click on top dropdown menu for mobile)
  4. Disable/Enable extensions by clicking on them.

You can modify your extension's settings by hovering on the extension and clicking on the three dots popup menu. Then click on "Settings".

Or just locate your extension in the menu on right (if avaliabe).

You can request other Flarum extensions here, however be sure to check if your extension:

  • is compatible with FreeFlarum
  • does not allow uploads of files directly to FreeFlarum, or run of custom PHP code
  • is stable and up-to-date.

Further steps are shown in the issue template. It is recommend to use the templates when creating a new issue.

For an extension to be honored, it should be requested by at least 2 people. If you find any bug in an extension, please report the bug to the author of the extension. We are not able to fix issues in an extension itself (unless it's a FreeFlarum bug. If you are not sure what is causing the bug, make an issue here and we'll try to find out). List of all FreeFlarum extensions can be found here.