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Login with Facebook

Many FreeFlarum users want to activate Facebook login, but there doesn't seem to be an up-to-date guide as of yet. Also, Facebook now requires a public privacy policy before you can activate your FB login. So follow these steps to get rollin' !

First, create (or copy from somewhere) a privacy policy. You can just create a new discussion and use that.

Go to and press "Add new app"

Enter your forum name and email

Go to Products and add Facebook Login

Go to Settings > Basic.

Copy the App ID and App Secret.

Add domain names (make sure to add both the "www" and non-"www" version if applicable.

Add site URL. Use http or https, whatever you have standardized on. Use trailing slash, like this:

Add the privacy policy URL (noted earlier)

Go to Settings > Advanced. Add your domain to "Domain Manager" including http(s) and trailing slash.

App review -> "Make Public"

Go to your Forum admin panel. Go to extensions. Enable the Facebook extension. Enter App ID and App Secret as noted earlier.

If you are not using FreeFlarum, you might have to run a php flarum cache:clear and rm assets/rev-manifest.json in the shell as a last step.

Your facebook login should work now!