1. No spam/porn/illegal stuff. Forums violating these terms will be suspended without prior notice.
  2. The service will show a modest amount of advertisements on its forums.
  3. You are allowed to modify the full appearance of your forum (through the admin panel) but it is not allowed to change appearance as to hide or otherwise hinder the displayed advertisements.
  4. The service applies a fair use policy towards resources (storage, server capacity and traffic). The limits are five times the average of all users of the service.
  5. Although generous efforts are undertaken to maintain the availability and performance of this service, there is explicitly no warranty given. Use at your own risk.
  6. Forums that are not used for 2 months (no logins / posts / visitors) may be removed.
  7. FreeFlarum.com will not share your data with 3rd parties.
  8. FreeFlarum.com may link to your forum.